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‘A 1920s Bleaching, Dyeing and Weaving Mill’ with Judith Atkinson

Burgess Ledward's Wardley MilThe society has been in holiday mode for the last two couple of months, dreaming of airships and postcards. But it is now time to come down to earth and return to work in the mill. In November, Judith Atkinson will return to the Society, having relived the story of the Manchester Ship Canal, in March 2015. This time Judith will describe the operations that took place at the Burgess Ledward mill at Wardley, near Walkden. As with the meeting of last month, ‘What to do with 323 postcards’ the basis of November’s presentation is a ‘discovered’ album. Judith retrieved an old volume of photographs, destined for destruction, showing in graphic detail all the operations taking place at the Burgess Ledward mill, in the 1920s, and converted these old prints into digitised images. This bleaching, dyeing and weaving Mill dates from the 1860s. At its peak in 1922 it had a dyehouse and 1,500 looms. Decline came in the late 1950, weaving ceased in 1968. An industrial and social facet of the Roaring Twenties is to be revealed, a common experience of millions of workers during that era, not least in Marple.

above: The interior of Burgess Ledward's Wardley Mill