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Two photocopied documents from email correspondence between Mark Whittaker and "Axel" after a complaint regarding the Restoration of the Iron Bridge. 2008

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Photocopy of Abstract of Title between Captain Arkwright and Thomas & Ann Hudson dated 1876 for the Brabyns Estate

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Seven page photocopy on A3 paper of an abstract of title dated 1867 relative to Miss Hudson's will of 1943 and the freehold hereditaments in the parishes of Ludworth, Romiley and Marple.
In buff envelope

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Photocopy of a 13 page Act of Royal Assent dated 2lst June 1824 in relation to Nathaniel Wright's will from 1817, with Schedule.
In buff envelope.

Two photocopied photographs,
1. Maypole dancing in Brabyns Park, with 'circa 1910 ?' on the back.
2. Harold Cooke's wedding at Brabyns Farm, undated

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Original envelope addressed to Miss Hudson reused by Miss Hudson to send Brabyns Estate Permit dated 1949 to Mr Hutton to allow access through the grounds.

Material relating to Brabyns farm / farmhouse / outbuildings :-
1. The transformation of a family estate (Brabyns) - Neil Mullineux
2. Fresh insights into Brabyns Hall by Hilary Atkinson, prepared for January 2024 MLHS Newsletter
3. Original…

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Typed page with various miscellaneous notes on Hudsons Wills from 1868 to 1941.
Email correspondence with Professor Spiers research data and enquiry re Brabyns Hall. 2005
Email correspondence re the Hudson family and Brabyns Estate. …

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Flyer promoting a Ladies Tennis Tournament followed by a talk and supper, to be held at Brabyns Tennis club in June 2000

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Eight page on line version of a Booklet produced to prepare for submission with application for an HLF Project Planning Grant giving a brief history of the park and the iron bridge, the people involved in its construction and Salford Iron Works.

Correspondence with Surrey Council Council with regard to the property Camilla Lacy (now demolished) which was owned by the Hudsons from 1816.
Three black and white phototcopied photographs with information cards dated 1907 from Surrey…

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Photocopies of Documents listing Cases in Chancery : Mary Lomas v John Wright : Mary Lomas cohabited and had four natural children with Nathaniel Wright. 1833
Wright v Howard : Water Rights 1823, involving the sale to Howard by Wright of sluice,…

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Photocopy of a 16 page Conveyance of the Brabyns Hall Estate dated 6th September 1943 : J A Marston & E G Stead solicitors for the late Miss Hudson to The Cheshire County Council including map on A3 paper and schedule. In buff envelope.

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Photocopy on A3 paper of Conveyance between Messrs W S Birch and J Ryde to Mrs Hudson regarding the Water Corn Mill, dwelling houses, cottages, land and premises at Marple Bridge. dated 4th September 1874 with location map.
In buff envelope

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Photocopy of Agreement for Tenancy between Charles Osborne and Marple UDC for Tenancy of Iron Bridge Lodge in Brabyns Park dated 1949 for one week at a cost of 6s 2d for rent, rates and water rent. Regulations and conditions of tenancy are on the…

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Original drawing & copy of Draft Proposals for Brabyns Hall conversion into Assembly Hall for MUDC 1949 showing ground, upper floor and cross section through Assembly Hall.
1/16th inch to one foot

Email correspondence received by MLHS in 2009 from Mark Hudson, a descendant of the Hudsons, being the great great grandson of Capt. William J Hudson.
The correspondence contains photographs of various female members of the Hudson family with…

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Two photocopies of estate Map of 1811 showing Low Marple, Brabyns Hall and Marple Township, the property of Nathaniel Wright with Reference, naming numbered areas listed with their measurements.

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Handwritten family tree going from the Lowes to the Hudsons and the past owners of Brabyns Estate with additional information on each.
Also email confirmation that Fanny Marian Hudson's brother was Herbert Edward Hudson : 2013

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Photocopy on A3 paper of a Fire Insurance Policy from Municipal Mutual Insurance Ltd dated 29th September 1944, with schedule listing buildings on the estate and terms and conditions of the policy.
Rough sketch of buildings on Estate.
In buff…

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Photocopy of original Inventory of Francis Lowe, late Rector of Taxal dated 1672/3 (2 pages).
Original documents held at Cheshire Records Office.

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Three original copies of programmes for Garden Fetes held in 1950, 1955 and 1956 at Brabyns Hall Gardens organised by the United Nations' Association, Marple, Mellor and Ludworth Branch.
Programmes giving brief history of Brabyns Hall, events and…

Grant of Easement dated 6.4.1989. between British Gas Plc and Metropolitan Borough Council of Stockport with drawing showing plan for gas pipeline to be laid in Brabyns Park, from Compstall Road to Brabyns Brow also lease for governor site.

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Correspondence between David Law and Ann Hearle in 2013 regarding his view of the development of Brabyns Hall between 1650 and 1920. This includes his comments on the Old Hall, Dr Brabin's New Hall, the development of Brabins New Hall and the layout…

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Material from Hugh Fletcher's collection :
a. Typed Page titled "The Families who have owned and lived at Brabyns Hall, Marple Antiquarian Society".
b. Handwritten account of Nathaniel Wright of Brabyns by Hugh Fletcher.
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