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Although officially in Offerton, many people consider this house to be the gateway to Marple. Cottage industries in the area were widespread and in the 19th century hand-loom silk weavers worked in the attic. Working there was made more practical by the light from the seventeen tiny windows. A fire in 1944 gutted most of the building, leaving it as you see it today.

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Refuge Trip (beta)

HX2A656231 hardy souls braved the wintery weather to travel into Manchester for our winter outing – a tour of the Refuge Assurance Building, now the Principal Hotel. Our tour began as we huddled in the original entrance porch where we listened to Jonathan Schofield’s ‘brief history’ of the Refuge Assurance and the building.

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Mu32 640‘Heritage’ is a broad term and can cover a wide range of dates. Recent articles about Our Local Heritage have ranged from fifteenth century cruck barns to twentieth century swimming baths, but most of them centre around the period of the Industrial Revolution when Marple and Mellor began to change from rural to urban communities. However, our heritage goes back much further; much, much further. The first indications of human activity in this area date back to the late Mesolithic Period.
Stockport has six Scheduled Monuments and five of those are in Marple and Mellor - two prehistoric, one medieval and two from the industrial revolution. With the discoveries at Shaw Cairn this number could (and perhaps should) be raised to six.

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Online Sources

Hollins Mill Area 1929Online Sources

This list was drawn up by Rachel Reader, Supervising Archaeologist, School of Environment and Life Sciences. Rachel gave two lectures at the Navigation Pub in Marple, in March 2017, on the methods used in Desk Base Assessment in Archaeology. The lectures formed part of the Revealing Oldknow’s Legacy Project. This list is available as a pdf here.

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