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Browse through this collection of stories drawn from many sources including the Society's archive, newspapers and online sources. The catalyst to begin research varies from an inquiry that comes to Society, a document that arrives at the archive, or another trigger that sets the delving off.

Hollins Mill 1911:Dressed up for George V's Coronation

An Edwardian Flyer from 1911

The catalyst for 'Tale of Two Torrents' article, in the archive story section, was a flyer from 1911, donated to the archive. Printed on glossy paper, the photographic block used in its production is quoted as being made by Highams Ltd., Hyde. A piece of ephemera, ephemera can be be defined as ''the minor transient documents of everyday life'. It can also be described as material which is not intended to survive its immediate purpose or which exists for only a short time. The origin of this flyer is not known, a present for Christmas 1911, a review of the year included in a paper ?

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Mellor Mill Fire 1892

Mellor Mill post-fire

Great Mill Fire, Marple

A Gigantic Blaze.  The Building Completely Gutted.  A dismal Outlook for the Villagers.

Newspaper article from Cheshire County News 19th November 1892.


Early on Thursday morning a most destructive fire broke out in the Mellor Mill, Marple by which in about two hours the main structure was entirely destroyed.  Spinning and doubling were carried on at the mill, which afforded employment for about 200 workpeople.

The premises were six storeys high with side wings filled with new machinery which was only partially insured.  The mill was built in 1790 and was of historic interest.  Shortly after two o?clock in the morning a cottager who resides in close proximity to the mill noticed from her bedroom window flames issuing from the centre of the factory.  She immediately ran to the village and raised the alarm.  The shouts of "Fire" were soon resounding throughout the whole neighbourhood, and an hour later there was a general stampede of the villagers en route for the scene of the conflagration.  On their arrival at the mill a sight, terrible in its magnificence, met their view.

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Marple Aqueduct Bicentenary

Aqueduct in full glory

This article was written by Mark Whittaker in 2000. The Society would like to thank Mark for his kind permission to 'reprint' his work here.

It is taken from the History & Heritage page on...


Without fanfare or celebration a major anniversary has quietly been reached in Marple this Millennium year. A milestone that would have most towns hanging out the flags and bunting has barely been acknowledged in the local community. The achievement is all the more significant because it would not have happened without strong public support many years ago, so it is ironic that it appears to be passing almost unnoticed now.

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Midnight Scene at Marple Station 1908

marple stationA story of a strange things going on, one night, at Marple Station......

In 1908 the station had extensive station buildings - the Midland waiting room having upholstered seats and a coal fire in an attractive fireplace for cold winter days.  The change from a main line to suburban station had begun with an increase in residential traffic to Manchester, compared with ten years previously. This spurred on the building of new houses in the area, with fine residences for the well-off Manchester commuters being developed in  Ley Hey Park, near the station, and other areas.

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