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Brabyns Hall Folder 09 : Brabyns Hall & Park


Brabyns Hall & Park.


Folder containing items relating to Brabyns Hall and Park.

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Conveyance of the Brabyns Estate 1943
Photocopy of a 16 page Conveyance of the Brabyns Hall Estate dated 6th September 1943 : J A Marston & E G Stead solicitors for the late Miss Hudson to The Cheshire County Council including map on A3 paper and schedule. In buff envelope.

Plans for proposed new carriage drive 1891
Photocopy on A3 paper of plans drawn up for Miss Hudson for a proposed new carriage drive over the Midland Railway Railway showing old road (to be closed) and new carriage drive to Brabyns Hall with trees to be planted along the new carriage…

Act of Royal Assent 1824 : Nathaniel Wright
Photocopy of a 13 page Act of Royal Assent dated 2lst June 1824 in relation to Nathaniel Wright's will from 1817, with Schedule.
In buff envelope.

Indenture of Mortgage 1923 : Captain Hudson to Miss F M Hudson
Five page photocopy on A3 paper of a typed indenture dated 14th February 1923 between Captain Thomas Hudson and his mortgagees and Miss F M Hudson for conveyance of Upper and Lower Meetings Farms in the Parish of Romiley, with schedule.
In buff…

Abstract of Title dated 1867
Seven page photocopy on A3 paper of an abstract of title dated 1867 relative to Miss Hudson's will of 1943 and the freehold hereditaments in the parishes of Ludworth, Romiley and Marple.
In buff envelope

Fire Insurance Policy for Brabyns Estate : 1944
Photocopy on A3 paper of a Fire Insurance Policy from Municipal Mutual Insurance Ltd dated 29th September 1944, with schedule listing buildings on the estate and terms and conditions of the policy.
Rough sketch of buildings on Estate.
In buff…

Conveyance of Water Corn Mill at Marple Bridge : 1874
Photocopy on A3 paper of Conveyance between Messrs W S Birch and J Ryde to Mrs Hudson regarding the Water Corn Mill, dwelling houses, cottages, land and premises at Marple Bridge. dated 4th September 1874 with location map.
In buff envelope

Plan of Brabyns Hall Estate : Undated
Photocopy in four parts on A3 paper : Plan of Parkland and of Brabyns Estate taking in Upper and Lower Watermeetings Farms, Springwood Hall, Aqueduct Mill and Cherry Tree Farm : Undated
Title reads The Plan referred to - Captain Thomas Hudson to…

Miscellaneous Material /Newspaper cuttings relating to Brabyns Park
Miscellaneous Items relating to Brabyns Park : -
1898 Photocopy of J Wainwright's Waters Meeting drawing and poem
1911 Photocopy of Programme for Coronation festivities held at Brabyns Park
1973 Photocopy of painting of Brabyns Park, artist…

Garden Fetes at Brabyns Hall : United Nations Assoc : 1950's
Three original copies of programmes for Garden Fetes held in 1950, 1955 and 1956 at Brabyns Hall Gardens organised by the United Nations' Association, Marple, Mellor and Ludworth Branch.
Programmes giving brief history of Brabyns Hall, events and…

Pet Cemetery : Brabyns Park
Nine colour photographs showing engraved tablet memorials for pets from Brabyns Hall Pets Cemetery, including Druid the mastiff drowned 1871, Sailor Jack from 1891, Rolly 1874 born at Pau, France, Victor the Great Dane and others.

Plan of Brabyns Park Orienteering Course : 1986
A4 map of Brabyns Park Orienteering Course produced by Manchester Orienteering Association 1986, with accompanying booklet

Grant of Easement : British Gas & Stockport B C : Brabyns Park Pipeline
Grant of Easement dated 6.4.1989. between British Gas Plc and Metropolitan Borough Council of Stockport with drawing showing plan for gas pipeline to be laid in Brabyns Park, from Compstall Road to Brabyns Brow also lease for governor site.
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