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Typed and hand written research information and genealogy of the Stanney Family.
Family Pedigree from Thomas Stanney at Bear Fold in 1691.
BMD dates of family with hand written reminiscences and miscellaneous information from land valuations,…

Photocopies of numerous legal documents relating to Primrose Mill and the Stanney Family.
Schedule of documents with details of Primrose Mill Deeds
Schedule of documents from Mr Finnis concerning Primrose Mill.
Research information on Stanney…

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Numerous photocopies of newspaper cuttings from various publications and dates relating to Primrose Mill, including auctions, bankruptcy, funeral of Mr Warburton and destruction of the mill in 1963

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Correspondence received by Tom Oldham and Ann Ashmore in the 1970's and 90's with memories and reminiscences of Primrose Mill both handwritten and typed notes.

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Several hand drawn sketches by Tom Oldham of Primrose Mill giving details of the layout of the mill buildings, stream, pond and mill yard.
Several location maps from tithe maps, OS and 1857 Union Glossop Map

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Numerous black and white and colour photographs of Primrose Mill, Mellor. Various dates. Showing original mill, destructive fire and colour photographs of mill in the late 1990's

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Two original photographs on card showing Primrose Dyeing Co. Limited works vans in the yard of the Primrose Mill. Late 1950's
One Photocopied photograph of Primrose Mill from Marple Virtual Tour with comment that the mill was gutted by fire in…

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Photocopy of The Ramie Co Limited letterhead showing Victoria Mill, Bredbury and Primrose Mill, Marple Bridge : 1909
Also photocopy of photograph showing the inside of the factory before the first world war.

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Photocopies of The Ramie Co. Limited advertisements examples of packaging 1900's for the Product The Zeimar Mantle a W Warburton Patent.
Advertisement shows Victoria Mill at Bredbury and also Primrose Mill, Marple Bridge.

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Photocopies of a three page Patent Specification of William Warburton for Improved method of extracted vegetable fibres registered at Manchester 1896 known as "Ramie"

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Polysar Progress trade magazine article "Former Mill makes a picturesque rubber factory" with black & white photograph of Manager of Rubber & Plastics Engineering Co with his family outside their home. Originally the Mill owners home.

Four page extract on Primrose Mill, Mellor from Historical Industries
giving map reference, history with photographs

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Large selection of photographs from different times and sources from black and white photographs of the clean up after floods in 1967 to the closure, demolition and redevelopment of the Cataract site.
Photocopies of colour photographs of 2012 flood…

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Photocopy of company invoice from Wm Jowett Limited, Wadding & Cotton Wool Manufacturers, Cataract Bridge Mills, Mellor dated 1942 listing companies and expenditure from April 28th to May 2nd 1942.

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Typed transcript of newspaper article from North Cheshire Herald 3rd September 1937 reporting on Messrs Lingard's Cataract Mill Clock, whilst cleaning it established dated from 1824 and that it originally was bought from Bottoms Mill.

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Three page article by John W S Hearle in the Textile Magazine from 2005 giving history mills in the area and the closure of Cataract Bridge Mill with photographs of the interior machinery.

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Invitation to Public Exhibition by R Hamilton Limited with regards to demolition and redevelopment of Cataract Mill 2004.
Email correspondence with Mellorbrook re redevelopment.
Newspaper notice of planning permission for 2l apartments at Cataract…

Hand drawn map showing Cataract Bridge Mill site with Mill Pond and stream by Tom Oldham
Photocopy of the 1836 tithe map showing Longhurst Lane / Cataract Bridge, no mill.

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Full page article from Marple Review Autumn 2004 giving a report with photographs of the closure of Cataract Bridge Mill by Avril Marsh.
Photograph of Don Lingard

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Twenty three hand written pages by David England (aged 15 years) school project entitled Cataract Bridge Mill, "History Around Us" 1980.
With information on the history of Cataract Bridge Mill, with site information, illustrations (both internal…

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Extracts from correspondence from Tom Oldham to William Jowett, cotton wool and wadding manufacturer in Mellor from 1885 re boiler installation at Cataract Mill.
Also correspondence between Tom Olham and Jack Jowett from 1974. with further…

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Original black and white photograph of a stocking knitting machine (handwritten information on reverse states that it was in use in Marple about 1895 at Mr Turners shop on Stockport Road, Marple)
Mr Turners shop on Stockport Road was a…

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Material relating to Aqueduct Mill, Marple :
a. Original black & White photographs showing a Adhesive Laminator for "Marfoam" 1964 - 1969 information on the reverse of the photographs from Chas Moore 1995.
b. Newspaper report of "Toxic Cloud…

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Several newspaper articles on local businesses during the 1960's & 70's including Batesons Trailers, High Lane, Brooks Instruments, Marple, Roevin, Marple and Arden Dies, Marple
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