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Marple Hall , Bradshaws and Isherwoods.


Series of Folders containing items relating to Marple Hall / Bradshaws / Isherwoods.
Stored in the bottom drawer of cabinet B on the right hand side of the archive room.


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Collection Items

Historical manuscripts commission, National Register of Archives - Estate papers relating to Marple Hall.
Fourteen A3 type list from Cheshire Records Office, Historical Manuscripts Commission listing legal document held relating to the Marple Hall Estate dating from 1606 to 1785

Bradshaw Isherwood Family Tree and birth/death list - Bradshaw-Isherwoods
Several photocopied documents relating to family trees of Bradshaw Isherwoods of Marple and Wibersley.
Miscellaneous family trees from unknown sources
Pages 843 & 844 of the Macclesfield Hundred with brief history.
Typed List of Births/Deaths in…

The Arms of the Winnington Family
Illustration of the coat of arms of the Winnington Family.
Image of plaque on page taken from The Marple Website Virtual Tour

The Indenture for Marple Hall (Two Accounts)
Two typed copies of indentures. One dated from 1606 Between Edward Stanley of Thonge and Henry Bradshaw th'elder of Marple. Second dated 1614 between Henry Bradshaw the Elder and Henry Bradshaw the younger. Source unknown.

Henry Bradshaw 1606-1620. Short History plus Photos of Place (Peace Farm)
Photocopy of single document giving brief history of Henry Bradshaw I 1602 - 1620 with photocopy of picture showing The Place

The "House we Lost" Exhibition - cutting from Living Edge 2001 (Marple Hall)
Flyer giving information of an exhibition entitled "The House we Lost" from 1996.
Magazine article from Living Edge dated Feb 2001, "postcards from the past" showing Marple Hall Photograph and brief history

Henry Bradshaw II 1654
One page from exhibition giving brief history of Henry Bradshaw - his marriage, children and death in 1654.

Henry Bradshaw III - Will and Inventory
Four page typed transcript of Will and Inventory of Henry Bradshaw dated 1662 at Wybersley Hall.

Page from Henry Bradshaw III account book plus extracts from unknown publication re accounts.
Six typed page essay headed "A page from Henry Bradshaw III's Account Book 1640" author unknown.
Photocopies of pages 82 - 92 showing detail list of accounts dated 1640, publication unknown.

Henry Bradshaw : Will and Inventory 1699
Four page typed transcript of the Last Will & Testament of Henry Bradshaw Esq. dated 1699 and Inventory

Sketches of Bradshaw Hall : 17th Century
Two copy sketches of Bradshaw Hall showing east side dated 17th century, one mounted on card.
Home of the Bradshaws from 12c.

Post Civil War Declaration. Short biography Henry Bradshaw
Typed declaration swearing allegiance to the King by Henry together with other gentleman of Cheshire.
Short Biography of Henry Bradshaw born 1635 13 years of age when Charles was beheaded.

Marple Hall Hearth Tax Information
Typed information re Hearth Tax for Marple in 1663 stating Marple Hall was the biggest building in the area with 14 chimneys.

Postcard of Marple Hall
Black & white copy of a postcard showing Maple Hall with stables and Clock Tower.

Fragment of Indenture : 1963 : Henry Bradshaw
Two original fragments of an Indenture dated 1693 for the sale of land by Henry Bradshaw Senior and his son to Joan Hollinshead.

Indenture is significantly damaged and missing pieces preventing full transcription.

Henry Bradshaw 1666 -1735
Typed display from exhibition (date unknown) giving brief biography of Henry Bradshaw who was High Sheriff of Derbyshire in 1701. Held Marple Hall estate for 37 years.

Thomas Bradshaw 1672 - 1743
Display notice giving brief biography of Thomas Bradshaw the last of the Bradshaws of Marple

Photos of Bradshaw Hall, Bolton Church
Five photocopies of Black & White photographs of Bradshaw Hall, Brabyns Hall, Bolton Church and Market Place.

Notes on Parson Fold
Extract from unknown book : Supplementary Sheet : Giving information of marriage of Mary Bradshaw to William Pimlott and further information on Bradshaw / Isherwood family tree ending with Mary.

Will of Nathaniel Isherwood of Marple 1765
Typed 3 page transcript of Nathaniel Isherwood of Marple last will and testament being in bad health but of sound and disposing mind. Dated 1765.

Bradshaw to Pimlott to Isherwood.
Eight display pages from undated exhibition giving information and dates on how the Bradshaw family married into the Pimlotts and then the Isherwoods.

John Pimlotts Will dated 1761
Photocopy of Original will of Thomas Pimlotts will from the Public Records Office of the National Archives.
4 page transcription by Geof Higgins, typing by Shiela Ross : 2021.

Article from the "Listener"  25.11.54. "A Jane Austen Clergyman in real life"
Two punched pockets containing 0riginal and photocopy of Article from the Listener 25.11.54. by M A Robson on the Journal of Charles Bellairs. Pages 908, 909and 913.
Descriptions of interior of Marple Hall and details of people and history of…

Bellairs Diary Extracts
Two display items detailing extracts from Charles Bellairs diary who visited Marple Hall in 1838. Giving details of hall location in the countryside and attending an agricultural society meeting.

List of Farms Belonging to J Isherwood : 1831
Handwritten list of Farms belonging to J Isherwood in the Township of Marple, Offerton, Bramhall and Plumley : 1831.
Bradshawe Estate about 340 acres.
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