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  • Collection: Brabyns Hall Folder 05 : Maps Notes and Plans

Material relating to Brabyns farm / farmhouse / outbuildings :-
1. The transformation of a family estate (Brabyns) - Neil Mullineux
2. Fresh insights into Brabyns Hall by Hilary Atkinson, prepared for January 2024 MLHS Newsletter
3. Original…

Miscellaneous historical information and notes on Brabyns :
1. Pink card with brief history of Brabyns Hall from a United Nations Association Garden Party being held in the Walled Garden.
2. Three typed pages headed 'Various Notes : Brabyns' giving…

1 003.jpg
Hand drawn plan highlighting in red Brabyns Cottage and surrounding area including measurements.
Track also highlighted in yellow showing route from Lodge on Brabyns Brow to Brabyns Cottage.
No author or date.

1 002.jpg
Three photocopies of maps showing Brabyns Estate, dated 1857, 1821 and one undated

1 001.jpg
Correspondence between David Law and Ann Hearle in 2013 regarding his view of the development of Brabyns Hall between 1650 and 1920. This includes his comments on the Old Hall, Dr Brabin's New Hall, the development of Brabins New Hall and the layout…
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