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  • Collection: Brabyns Hall Folder 07 : Military Hospital

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Three photocopies of undated newspaper articles referring to the soldiers at Brabyns Hall
1. 'Wounded soldiers at Marple' describing the arrival of ten severely wounded soldiers
2. 'German guns close up trenches' - soldiers at Brabyns Hall were…

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Six black & white group photographs showing Miss Hudson with staff, nurses and wounded soldiers. c 1917

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Photocopy of black and white photograph of dignitaries outside Marple Military Hosptial including Duchess of Westminster, Miss Hudson, local worthies with doctors and nursing staff.
Printed key giving names and titles.
Taken June 15th 1916

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Three typed reports with headlines "Wounded Soldiers at Marple", "At St Martins" and "Thrilling Experiences" reporting on events at Brabyns Hall Military Hospital, date and source unknown

Black and white original photograph showing Miss Hudson, Staff and soldiers outside Brabyns Hall taken in November 1914.
Hand drawn numbered key listing names of those shown in the photograph.

Two original copies of 'Programme for Wounded Soldiers Sports' held in Brabyns Park on Saturday 7th September 1918 approved by the Red Cross with the proceeds devoted to Our Day movement. Also photocopy of original programme.
Events included…

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Correspondence with British Red Cross Society requesting any information held on Brabyns Hall as an Auxiliary Hospital during WW1.
Photocopies received:-
An extract from 'a short history of the Cheshire Branch of the British Red Cross Society' in…

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Original Notice : Brabyns Auxiliary Military Hospital, Marple Bridge "Hints to Night Guards". This gave hints and instructions to night guards, e.g. enter by the back door, bring your slippers, enter your full name in the log book with suitable…

Folder containing over 150 pages of photocopies from two Scrap Books compiled by Miss Flora Buck of Field House, Marple a member of the Red Cross V.A.D. with newspaper cuttings from 1914 -1919 for Brabyns Military Hospital with photographs of staff…
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