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Seven page photocopy on A3 paper of an abstract of title dated 1867 relative to Miss Hudson's will of 1943 and the freehold hereditaments in the parishes of Ludworth, Romiley and Marple.
In buff envelope

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Five page photocopy on A3 paper of a typed indenture dated 14th February 1923 between Captain Thomas Hudson and his mortgagees and Miss F M Hudson for conveyance of Upper and Lower Meetings Farms in the Parish of Romiley, with schedule.
In buff…

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Photocopy of a 13 page Act of Royal Assent dated 2lst June 1824 in relation to Nathaniel Wright's will from 1817, with Schedule.
In buff envelope.

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Photocopy on A3 paper of plans drawn up for Miss Hudson for a proposed new carriage drive over the Midland Railway Railway showing old road (to be closed) and new carriage drive to Brabyns Hall with trees to be planted along the new carriage…

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Photocopy of a 16 page Conveyance of the Brabyns Hall Estate dated 6th September 1943 : J A Marston & E G Stead solicitors for the late Miss Hudson to The Cheshire County Council including map on A3 paper and schedule. In buff envelope.

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Three page extract from Poynton Collieries : General History of Mining to 1831 Chapter headed "1793 - 1831 The Collieries Leased" with history and information on Nathaniel Wright's coalmining interests, particularly in the Norbury and Middlewood…

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Photocopies of Documents listing Cases in Chancery : Mary Lomas v John Wright : Mary Lomas cohabited and had four natural children with Nathaniel Wright. 1833
Wright v Howard : Water Rights 1823, involving the sale to Howard by Wright of sluice,…

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Photocopy of Manchester Mercury 1818 re sale of Stock at Brabyns.
Typed document with extracts from :
1818 : Manchester Mercury as above : Sale of Stock to include cattle of the Northumberland, Devon and Suffolk breeds, pigs of the Chinese breed,…

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Handwritten Family Tree for Wright Family from 1718 - 1884, with research correspondence and data relating to Wright Family.

Photocopy of the will dated 1867 of John Wright of Brabyns Hall with 5 page handwritten précis.

Bequests in his will included £2000 to his cousin Maria Ann Hudson, £1000 and his gold watch to Major Thomas Wright Hudson, £3000 to Rev Robert Littler…

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Photocopy of original will of Nathaniel Wright. Will dated 1819 with typed transcript.
Also photocopy of original will of Nathaniel Wright. Will dated 1819 and proved at London. Donated by Ann Hearle & Neil Mullineux when researching new Brabyns…

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Two photocopies of estate Map of 1811 showing Low Marple, Brabyns Hall and Marple Township, the property of Nathaniel Wright with Reference, naming numbered areas listed with their measurements.

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Original copy of the Poynton Historian Booklet No 6 dated 2014 : Published by Poynton Local History Society containing article by Ann Hearle on pages 14 - 17 giving history of Nathaniel Wright, his purchase of Brabyns House, family, business and…

Two original copies of 'Programme for Wounded Soldiers Sports' held in Brabyns Park on Saturday 7th September 1918 approved by the Red Cross with the proceeds devoted to Our Day movement. Also photocopy of original programme.
Events included…

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Correspondence with British Red Cross Society requesting any information held on Brabyns Hall as an Auxiliary Hospital during WW1.
Photocopies received:-
An extract from 'a short history of the Cheshire Branch of the British Red Cross Society' in…

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Original Notice : Brabyns Auxiliary Military Hospital, Marple Bridge "Hints to Night Guards". This gave hints and instructions to night guards, e.g. enter by the back door, bring your slippers, enter your full name in the log book with suitable…

Folder containing over 150 pages of photocopies from two Scrap Books compiled by Miss Flora Buck of Field House, Marple a member of the Red Cross V.A.D. with newspaper cuttings from 1914 -1919 for Brabyns Military Hospital with photographs of staff…

Two photocopied photographs,
1. Maypole dancing in Brabyns Park, with 'circa 1910 ?' on the back.
2. Harold Cooke's wedding at Brabyns Farm, undated

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Three page typed document with reminiscences about the Brabyns Estate from John Lee, Betty Johnson who describes her work as a kitchen maid at Brabyns Hall and Mrs Taylor.
Also Parish Magazine Extract of unknown date

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Hand drawn plan highlighting in red Brabyns Cottage and surrounding area including measurements.
Track also highlighted in yellow showing route from Lodge on Brabyns Brow to Brabyns Cottage.
No author or date.

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Three photocopies of maps showing Brabyns Estate, dated 1857, 1821 and one undated

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Correspondence between David Law and Ann Hearle in 2013 regarding his view of the development of Brabyns Hall between 1650 and 1920. This includes his comments on the Old Hall, Dr Brabin's New Hall, the development of Brabins New Hall and the layout…

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Two typed pages with information from various sources regarding the Brabin and Lowe families from 1661

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Photocopy of original intestate document by Ann Lowe for her husband Thomas Lowe 1773, (2 pages).
Signed by Ann Lowe of Marple, Elizabeth Brabin widow and Robert Newton of Stockport gentleman.
Original document held at Cheshire Records Office

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Photocopy of original will of Thomas Lowe of Marple dated 1667 (2 pages).
Bequests were made to his wife Katherine, his daughter Elizabeth Bowden, Jane daughter of his brother John Lowe, to his cousins Francis Lowe Recotr of Taxall, Thomas Lowe of…
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