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A partial transcript of a talk given on the Hudson family by Mark Hudson to St Martin's Heritage Trust 2019 covering the Hudson family from their origins as Yeoman farmers in 1535 and their inheritance of Brabyns Hall. (12 Pages)

Letter from…

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a. Single Page typed extract from The History of Bethlem (page 439) regarding embezzlement of funds from hospital's finances and the Hudson's involvement, with comments from Neil Mullineux. 2019
b. 7 Photocopied pages from Report of the…

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Photocopy of colour photograph taken of Ann Hudson's gravestone at Mickleham,, Surrey.

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Newspaper articles : 1. 1874 & 1893 Two pages from London Gazette : Ann Hudson in Chancery2. 1906 Stockport Advertiser with regard to Miss Hudson's death3. 1906 Unnamed newspaper article on the death of Miss Hudson with transcript4. 1919…

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Typed page with various miscellaneous notes on Hudsons Wills from 1868 to 1941.
Email correspondence with Professor Spiers research data and enquiry re Brabyns Hall. 2005
Email correspondence re the Hudson family and Brabyns Estate. …

Email correspondence received by MLHS in 2009 from Mark Hudson, a descendant of the Hudsons, being the great great grandson of Capt. William J Hudson.
The correspondence contains photographs of various female members of the Hudson family with…

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Photocopies from unnamed publication of description and history of Anglican Churches at Pau in French with English translation.
Two street maps showing these churches and residences, one of central Pau and the other of north west Pau.
Thomas and…

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Original envelope addressed to Miss Hudson reused by Miss Hudson to send Brabyns Estate Permit dated 1949 to Mr Hutton to allow access through the grounds.

Correspondence with Surrey Council Council with regard to the property Camilla Lacy (now demolished) which was owned by the Hudsons from 1816.
Three black and white phototcopied photographs with information cards dated 1907 from Surrey…

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Photocopy of Abstract of Title between Captain Arkwright and Thomas & Ann Hudson dated 1876 for the Brabyns Estate

Photocopy of Booklet entitled "Saint Martin of Tours, Brabyns Brow The Parish Church of Low Marple : A History and Guide".
Published by St Martins P.C.C. November 1996.
History and Guide of the parish church of Low Marple built by Ann Hudson

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Pages from publication entitled "History of Romiley Golf Club 1879 - 1997" by Frank Beard containing references to the Hudson's Estate (Brabyns) and The Hudson Cup, undated.
The Hudson Cup was donated to Romiley Golf Club by Captain T H Hudson in…

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Photocopy of nine page will of Fanny Marian Hudson of Brabyns Hall dated 1939. Bequests were made to her nephew Charles Edward Hudson, to her servants, to the Vicar and churchwardens at St Martin's church and to her brother William Joseph Villiers…

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Two page photocopy of Last Will & Testament of Thomas Hudson, late of Dorking, Surrey dated 1868.
In his will he bequeathed all his estate and effects to his wife Ann whom he named as his sole executor. The will was witnessed on 29 September 1866 by…
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