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 Stockport Advertiser 24th October 1828 Page 3

Police Office Before S P Humphreys Esq.

James Sykes of Marple, for being drunk and assaulting Mrs Sarah Willcock of The Bull’s Head, Marple, on Sunday the 12th inst. was discharged on payment of 5s and costs.

Stockport Advertiser – 14th November 1828   Page 3

Police Office – before S P Humphreys Esq

John Smith of Compstall Bridge, charged with having committed a most brutal and violent assault upon Thomas Hadfield.  The complainant stated that he went into the Robin Hood Public house on Sunday week (1st November) where he found the defendant, who was noisy and quarrelsome, wishing to fight everyone in the room, upon which he said to him “Don’t be foolish, sit down and be quiet”.  He was then struck by him and had one of his fingers so dreadfully bitten that it had since been necessary to have it amputated at the first joint.  He also stated that the defendant said that if he got hold of anyone wit his teeth they were sure to meet.  Two witnesses corroborated the complainant’s statement.

The defendant denied striking the first blow and likewise called two witnesses who swore the same.  Under the circumstances the magistrates recommended that the defendant should pay the amount of the surgeon’s bill as under any circumstances he had no right to have recourse to such brutal means.  The defendant not agreeing to this proposal was ordered to find bail himself in £20 and two sureties of £10 each, to appear at Knutsford Sessions to answer any Bills or Bills of Indictment that may be proffered against him for the offence.

Stockport Advertiser:

17th December 1841 :  Burglary at Marple.  John Finney entered the house of John Bromiley of Lee Hey.

7th January 1842 :  Sale of freehold estate at Bradshaw, Mellor.  Late the inheritance and in possession of Wm. Hyde, deed.

11th March 1842 :  Compstall Mill.  In consequence of the dissolution of the partnership of Messrs Andrew, Bruckshaw & Co., and of the retiring from it of Mr Bruckshaw, that gentleman called all the workpeople belonging to the concerned together for the purpose of taking his leave of them.  There were 1100 workpeople.

25th March 1842 : Emigration.  Artisans from the manufacturing districts continue unabated their emigration to America. ----there are extensive preparations for the emigration of large numbers from Ashton-under-Lyne, Strines, Marple, Mellor etc., and an accredited individual proceeded to Liverpool from Compstall Bridge to ensure the passage of 60 emigrants by the deposit of £1 for each individual.

1st April 1842 :  Sale of  cotton spinning machinery at Torr Mill, Disley.  The mill is situated near the Peak Forest Canal ---- there are 2 coaches leaving Manchester every morning and passing through Disley.

15th April 1842 :  Sale at the house of Thos. Neild, The Little Mill Inn, Rowarth.  Land at Matley Moor, also tolls on the Glossop to Marple Bridge turnpike roads.

3rd June 1842 : Announcement of decease of Wm. Radcliffe of Stockport at his house in Millgate on May 20th.  Buried at Mellor Church.  Had 10 sons & daughters.  3 sons and 4 daughters remaining.  Born in Oct. 1760.  Contemporary of Watt, Richard Arkwright, Crompton & the late Robert Peel.  (Mentions that he was born in Mellor, and lived his early life there but, alas, no details).

17th June 1842 :  Burglary at house of Martha Wild, Longhurst Lane, Mellor.  Sale of land at Horseshoe Inn, the house of Mr John Wright.  Two houses, stables, shippons, garden, land etc., Well Field, Well Field Meadow, Further Well Field, Three Cornered Meadow, Pack Saddle Meadow, Hilltop Green, Great Field & the croft called Hill Top.  In several occupations – Mrs Elizabeth Stanney, James Handforth & John Handforth.  Annual rent - £60