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Note: Those with a sharp eye may notice what appears to be a wrong spelling of Brabyns in the 1880 report on the Theft of Pheasants.

However the spelling is found in the original article. Between this report and the one of 1908 the i was replaced by a y.

Stockport Advertiser - 29th November 1879

Adulterated Milk

Alfred Lomas of Hill Top Farm, Marple, was prosecuted for selling adulterated milk.  Examined at Ardwick Station part of a consignment of cans to Isaac Newton, Milk Dealer, Grey Mare Lane, Bradford, contained 12% added water.  Mr Lomas claimed the water must have been added on the way to the station or when the sample was abstracted.  He also said that a few weeks before a servant girl whose duty was to stir the milk whilst cooling in a water trough next to the pump and either through indolence or an effort to speed the process made a practice of pouring water into the milk until caught in the act (laughter in court). Lomas was fined £5 and costs.

Stockport Advertiser – 2nd July 1880

Alleged Extensive Theft of Pheasants

At the Stockport Police Court on Thursday, before E C Howard Esq, and Capt Howard Thomas, Thomas Dooley of Romiley, employed as a gamekeeper by Mrs Hudson of Brabins Hall, near Marple, was charged with stealing at Northern Etchells, on the 23rd and 24th Ult, 65 pheasants belonging to T W Tatton Esq, at Wythenshawe and afterwards receiving the same knowing them to be stolen.  Mr Brown appeared for the prosecution and Mr Russell Coppock for the defence.  Mr Brown stated that after a conference with his friend Mr Coppock he thought this was a case which, with the permission of the Bench, they would not be justified in proceeding with.  There were many difficulties in the case, and there would, should they proceed with it, necessarily be a remand and they would have to collect further evidence.  Therefore, under those circumstances, he thought the prosecution would not be justified in proceeding with the case.  The Clerk:  “you mean that under the circumstances you think it would be an injustice to the prisoner to proceed with it” Mr Brown: “that is so”.  Mr Coppock: “the result might be numerous actions and litigations”.  On the Bench agreeing, the case was withdrawn.

Cheshire Daily Echo 4th September 1905

The Marple Bigamy Case

As army reservist named James Fury married Margaret Annie Higginbotham, his wife still being alive.

Leah Alcock, 35 East St, Wolverhampton testified that she had been a witness to the wedding of Fury to Eliza Rushton at St George’s Church, Wolverhampton.  Eliza Rushton was present in court.

Margaret Annie Higginbotham lived at 5 Emily St, (could be Emley St)  Marple, and they married at All Saints.

James Fury claimed he told Margaret he was a married man and took her to visit his sister in Stockport to prove that he was married.

Stockport Advertiser 16th August 1907 Page 6

Serious Bicycle Accident

Last Saturday a young man who hails from Eccles, Manchester, was riding down Brabyn’s Brow had reached the turn and was only a few yards from the river bridge when he collided with the post of some iron railings.  He was thrown violently on his face, sustaining some nasty cuts and bruises and an unpleasant soiling of his clothes.  He was taken into the surgery of Dr Hibbert where the injuries were dressed.  The bicycle was smashed and the owner’s watch was found to be wrenched from his breast and thrown against Mr Hyam Heginbotham’s door.  A young man in the locality, named Jones, took the injured cyclist to Rose Hill where he left by an early train for Manchester and home.  It has been stated that the young man had been warned against riding down the hill.

Stockport Advertiser : 20th September 1907 Page 6

Woodley Primitives v Brabyns

Football match between W.P. of Hyde Football League and Brabyns of Stockport District League.  Result – Woodley 3, Brabyns 1, after scoring first.

Stockport Advertiser 21st June 1907 Page 6

Rescue of an Oldham youth from drowning last Saturday afternoon.  James Capteis, a 19 year old youth of No.6 View Street, Oldham.  He had, with some companions, cycled from Oldham to Marple and was trying to avoid some persons at the top of the bridge over the canal before going down Brabyn’s Brow and in doing so ran on to the towing path and both rider and bicycle fell into the lock.  Happily the lower gates were open so that there was not a full depth to contend with.  The alarm was raised and a man named Osbaldeston, with a rope which he let down the lockside, with assistance, drew the lad out and the machine after.

The dripping lad was assisted down the brow and was taken to the house of Mr Sutton near the Co-operative Stores, Marple Bridge.  There PC Coley, who lodges in the house, found him in a state of collapse through the immersion and exposure to the cold, and at once took him in hand and, with considerable energy and the exercise of his ambulance knowledge, succeeded in fully restoring him.  Mrs Sutton provided the poor fellow with a hot meal and some dry clothes and after a short rest he was able to return home.  He had no doubt been saved from a very serious illness, if not death, by the promptness which PC Coley and Mrs Sutton had dealt with him after his rescue from the canal.